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Heraeus Kulzer is the leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality polymers for the medical and technological industry.

The resins used in technology have to be of high quality, easy to use, but must essentially meet the desired results. Heraeus Kulzer’s resins fill in an important role when checking up materials or as auxiliary in the modern techniques and operations carried out currently in laboratories, or in production processes. Kulzer’s catalogue is very wide and includes different ranges of polymers for different purposes. Their applications are really extensive, and the limits, just the boundaries of the user’s imagination; but they are mainly used to prepare positive and negative moulds of pieces with high detail, to reconstruct broken pieces or just create moulds out of originals, to obtain copies of surfaces to a precision of 0.1 microns, to preserve surfaces, or even to produce prototypes of pieces or tools. The resins come in different colors – also transparent – and are made of components such as Methyl Methacrylate or silicone. They have various drying times depending on the type/application – some are quick drying -, other enjoy cold-drying properties or harden at room temperature. This resins are generally a two-component set to be mixed just before use. They are, in summary, resins that are quite simple to use, and some can even be dissolved to obtain the piece easier.


The products from Heraeus Kulzer are also leaders in quality in the metallography field, sanding discs, polishing cloths and abrasive liquids.



• Biodiamant - Polishing fluids


• Cameo Disk


• Technovit

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