Consumables for Fusion processes

A wide selection of high quality flux for the preparation of glass beads and solutions, and a comprehensible range of platinumware, platinum + gold and platinum + gold + rhodium, available to meet your needs. Plus an excellent alternative to calibrate your X-Ray unit.


Flux for the preparation of glass beads and solutions by fusion



A special agreement with a reputable flux manufacturer has allowed Equilab to introduce in the Spanish market its own brand flux: great quality at an affordable price. From the classical Lithium Metaborate to mixtures of Lithium Metaborate and Tetraborate in different percentages, with or without additives. And, apart from holding the best price/quality ratio in the market, we can supply particular or less common mixtures under demand, and offer lower prices by quantity purchased. Please ask for a quote.



Drift monitors

for X-Ray analyzers



A good calibration of our X-Ray unit supplies certainty in the result of the analysis. However, with time, both the X-Ray tube as well as the detector do gradually lose sensitivity, and deviate from the desired accuracy level. Other factor that could affect the sensitivity is the replacement of a tube or glass. The drift monitor is a solid reinforced glass disk, with the special quality of being able to keep its elemental components stable for a long period of time. This should not be considered a certified reference material or a calibration standard, but still it is of great help to control the mechanichal drifting of our X-Ray Analyzer.




EQUILAB Crucibles and Moulds platinum/gold

Crisoles y moldes Platino/oro EQUILAB


Platinumware, silver, gold and different alloys, such as platinum/gold, platinum/rhodium, platinum/gold/rhodium. From standard crucibles and molds for using in furnaces, to standard crucible and molds suitable for Claisse®, Equilab®, Herzog®, Katanax®, Leco®, Linn®, PANalytical® unit brands. Electrodes and special tools under demand. Equilab receives damaged or unusable metal from its clients in order to recast it into a brand new piece, reducing that way the high costs of replacing it entirely.


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Crisoles y moldes Platino/oro EQUILAB

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