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Our work helps our clients to grow, to work safely and confidently, and to have better and more comfortable experiences in their daily tasks. We support them in the development of new challenges and products. We provide certainty to face the rigorous requests from the market.

More than 30 years ago, we set about designing and manufacturing high quality sample preparation equipment.


As we worked closely with the laboratory staff in the industry, we were aware of the requirements we were to meet.


• Dependable units, to which resort as many times as needed.

• Durable equipment, ready to face the hard demands and conditions of the industry work.

• User friendly, accessible to all types of users.

• Safe units, with which the safety of the user is always guaranteed.

• Equipment offering a great price/quality ratio.


From those objectives, we have designed, developed and manufactured all our units, adding a new concept: comfort. Today, we design all our equipment to be smaller, quicker, more efficient. The introduction of full color screens has allowed a more intuitive control of the different process parameters of the sample. In summary,  units created to facilitate and make the daily work more comfortable; dependable, durable and safe, with an excellent price/quality ratio.


That is the reason why our units are present in the I+D departments and Quality Control laboratories of big and renowed industrial companies that are a real referent in their field at a global level.



Preparing samples


Although our main activity is the sale of equipment, consumables and technical support, the reason why we keep growing year after year is our conscientious service capability. This capacity is reflected in the pre and post-sale support and in the development of new units and processes oriented to solve the specific needs of our clients. Our technical staff is qualified not only in the knowledge of the materials but also in the chemical and physical changes they undergo, automatism processes, software and data management. That is why our laboratory receives daily a great amount of samples, to develop programs or procedures in order to optimize the preparation of the sample and keep the required analytes intact until the analysis step.



Equipment and consumables


We supplement our activity selecting reputable suppliers of units and consumables of proven efficacy in the market. Equipment and consumables that we offer to you as well.


Equilab can deliver spares or consumables within 24 hours if in stock.

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