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All the necessary equipment for an extensive range of thermal treatments. All the manufactures selected by Equilab offer a proven quality in their units.


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• Muffle furnaces

• Pre-heating ovens

• Assay furnaces

• Tube furnaces

• Drying ovens

• Furnaces with air circulation

• Chamber furnaces

• Fusion furnaces

• High temperature furnaces

• Retort furnaces

• Vacuum furnaces

Linn High Therm



Linn specializes in the manufacturing of laboratory and industrial furnaces, microwave ovens, sample preparation units for spectroscopy, induction heating systems, precision casting equipment, and customized instruments specifically adapted to the needs of the client. Resistance heating, Induction heating and microwave heating.





Nabertherm develops and manufactures furnaces and process units for more than 60 years, covering a wide range of thermal treatment types. The “Nabertherm quality” stands out due to the use of high quality materiales, maximum possible temperature accuracy and an innovative and precise control system.





More than 60 years as manufacturer of scientific and laboratory instruments do attest to Selecta’s proficiency in the field, confirming the reputation reached by its products in more than a hundred countries. One of the main successes of Selecta is the durability of its units, manufactured following the highest quality standards.


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