Ball Mixer Mill

The EQM-402 Ball Mixer Mill is our great ally when preparing samples for analysis, as it can grind, mix and homogenize quickly small amounts of sample. Especially designed for the final preparation of hard, semihard, and brittle samples – up to 50 ml -. Able to prepare two samples simultaneously and reduce them from an initial grain size of 0,8 to 1,5 mm to a size of less than 10μ in a very short time – 1 to 4 minutes -.


This is a compact desktop unit, easily controlled with a visual software with touchscreen, with capacity to store up to 5 different working programs, with adustable parameters such as the speed and the milling time.

The excellent efficiency/time ratio of this mill makes of it the ideal unit for the final reduction of size when preparing samples for fusion, and for the preparation and mixing of the sample to make pressed pellets to be analyzed by XR.

Technical specifications

Method: friction, mixing, pressure and homogenisation.


Applications: coal, coke, glass, slag, minerals, earth, ceramics, silica, bones, plastics, wood, electronic waste, chemical products, tobacco, cereals, etc.


Initial grain size: equal or less than 1.5 mm


Final grain size: equal or less than 10 microns


Programs: five independent programs


Speed: 5 to 100%


Time: 0 to 59 minutes / 0 to 59 seconds


Power: 150W


Power supply: 220V - 150W


Safety: built-in stop system in the door


Milling jars: stainless Steel x 50 ml


Balls: Ø 10mm / Ø 15 mm / Ø 20 mm / Ø 25mm stainless steel or Tungsten Carbide


Dimensions: 31 cm (high) x 36,5 cm (long) x 47 cm (wide)


Approximate weight: 25 kg



EQM-J-50  Steel milling jar 50ml


EQM-B-25  Tungsten Carbide ball Ø 25mm


EQM-B-20  Tungsten Carbide ball Ø 20mm


EQR-B-10  Tungsten Carbide ball Ø 10mm

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