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Resinas Heraeus Kulzer
Heraeus Kulzer resins - Technovit

Heraeus Kulzer is a world leader company in the development and manufacturing of high quality polymers for the medical and technological industries. The resins used in the field of technology must be of high quality and easy to use, but most of all they have to achieve the desired result. The resins from Heraeus Kulzer play an important role when checking up materials or as auxiliary material in the modern techniques and activities in laboratories and production processes. The Kulzer catalogue is quite wide, and includes different ranges of polymers for different purposes. Their applications are really diverse and their limits are those the imagination may impose, but they are mainly used to make molds in negative or in positive of pieces with a high definition in the detail, or to reassemble broken parts, recreate molds of parts, also obtain copies of surfaces with an accuracy of 0.1 microns, to protect the surface of some piece, or create prototypes of pieces or tools, manufactured in varied colours – even transparent -, in components like Methyl Metacrylate and silicone. The resins have different drying times according to the application – some do dry very fast -, some have cold drying or hardening process. The resins come generally in two components ready to mix, and they are very simple to use. Some can be dissolved to obtain the piece easily.   

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