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Imágenes hornos, muflas y estufas
Laboratory ovens, furnaces and muffles

All the necessary equipment for thermal treatments. Furnaces of all types and sizes according to your needs. Induction furnaces, tube furnaces, muffles, with air circulation systems, for high temperatures, etc.

Linn High Therm
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Linn is an expert in the manufacturing of laboratory and industrial furnaces, microwave ovens, sample preparation units for spectroscopy, induction heating systems, precision melting systems and systems specially adapted to the needs of the client.


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Nabertherm has developed and manufactured furnaces and processing units for more than 60 years, covering a wide range of thermal treatment types. The “Nabertherm quality” stands out because of the use of high quality materials, maximum possible accuracy in temperaturas, and an innovative and precise control system.

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More than 60 years activity as manufacturer of scientific and laboratory units do vouch for Selecta in the market, confirming the prestige achieved by its products in over 100 countries. One of the main successes of Selecta is the durability of its products, manufactured under the most strict quality standards.

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