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Fluxes for XRF

A special deal with an important international manufacturer of flux is making possible for Equilab to introduce in the Spanish market its own brand of fluxes: a high quality product to a reasonable price. From the classical Lithium Metaborate Pure to mixing Lithium Metaborate and Tetraborate in different percentages, with or without additives. Also, as well as having the best quality/price ratio in the market, we can offer special mixtures under request. Please ask for your quotation.


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Platinum, silver and goldware, and in different alloys such as platinum/gold, platinum/rodium, platinum/gold/rodium. From standard crucibles and plates for muffles, to standard crucibles and moulds from brands like Claisse®, Equilab®, Herzog®, Katanax®, Leco®, Linn®, PANalytical®. Electrodes and special tools under request. Equilab will take the damaged or deformed material from its clients in order to recast it and hand over a sparkling new piece, reducing this way the replacement costs.  

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