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The Company

is born from the initiative of providing real solutions to the I+D and Quality Control Departments in industries of different sectors. The activity of the company being mainly the sale of laboratory units and consumables, and providing technical support, the reason of its growth year after year is the excellence in its capacity of service. This capacity is echoed in the after-sales service and the development of new units focusing in the needs of its clients. Equilab has always supported its clients with all its knowledge, expertise and resources, to help them succeeded in their objectives. Some of those achievements are the development of new and better products, or the continuous search for excellence in the quality targets and the optimization of the manufacturing processes. After 25 years of activity, this spirit of service remains intact and is still present in all its fields of action.

Equilab is particularly noted for its closeness to the laboratory staff, reason why their needs are well known by the company and thus it can offer reliable units that are also durable, high quality consumables at a reasonable price, and real solutions through its technical service.

For over 25 years Equilab has selected reliable and well known suppliers of laboratory units and consumables to offer those products to its clients in order to actively support their growth and development.
At present, Equilab enjoys a scope of service that allows it to send standard spares and consumables in a 24 hours deadline – even before if necessary -, also to exhaustively look for more support to improve or accelerate the clients’ quality controls and increase their capacities in investigation and development for new products, as well as to provide innovative solutions to support future projects; all of these objectives being as important to the staff at Equilab as to provide materials of the best quality to the better price.

Research and Development. A commitment.

The ever dynamic requirements of the market have pushed Equilab for many years to provide specific answers to the clients. To this purpose, a special Investigation and Development Department was created, with qualified technical staff expert in the chemical and physical changes the materials can undergo, automatism processes, software and data management. The result being a series of units for the preparation, analysis and processing of samples, which are already installed in reference laboratories worldwide.

“This commitment drives us to a permanent search for excellence”

Investigación y Desarrollo
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