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Benchtop Carbonates Analyzer

• Quick (2 to 4 minutes)
• Semi-automatic
• Accurate
• Samples with low and high concentration
• Easy handling
• Very low maintenance cost
• Robust and compact


Analysis of Carbonates for different purposes

  • Characteristics
  • Technical specifications

Until now, the carbonates analysis was made by hand, spending a lot of time to prepare the sample and the analysis, only to obtain, after all that process, results with a high uncertainty level. The CO-202 is a new semi-automatic unit able to undertake the analysis of Carbonates in less than three minutes, eliminating the uncertainties, improving the repeatability and increasing the easiness and comfort when making the analysis according to the norm.

Based in the principle of decomposition by acid attack, the CO-202 transforms the carbonates and bicarbonates of the CO2 sample, quantifying them afterwards in an infrared cell.

Doble measure range controlled by the computer and the masic flow controller, making it possible to analyze samples with very low contents (slurrys) to limestone samples.   

You can undertake both solid and liquid samples without preparing them previously.

Measure range: de 0 a 44% (max.150 mg of CO2)

Double measure range: from 0 to 5% of CO2
(1g. of sample) From 5% to 44% of CO2
0.1 % for concentrations < 1% de CO2
1.5 % for concentrations >= 1% de CO2

Weight of the sample: from 0.1 to 5 gr.

Sensitivity: 0.01 %
Expression of results: CO2, CO3Ca, mmol/L

Time of the analysis: programmable from 60 seconds

Reactives: anhydrona, H2SO4

Working temperature: de 10 ºC a 35 ºC

Power: 220 VAC, 50 Hz 1 kW

Carrier gas: instrumentation or Nitrogen air 99.99 40 psi (2.8 kg)

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